History of Imperial

Imperial Mailbox Systems is a family owned manufacturing company that was formed in 1989. Emerging from ‘Imperial Door Systems’, a manufacturer of steel security doors and windows, founder John H. Clark Sr. identified a potentially more lucrative market in the form of residential amenities. Creating a line of cast aluminum mailboxes and street signs designed to standardize curbside amenities throughout residential communities, Imperial sought to meet the architectural demand for standardized mailboxes and street signs to enhance aesthetics and protection of property value.

The Early Days

With just four employees, less than 5,000 sq ft of warehouse and manufacturing area and shipping less than ten systems per week, Imperial engineered what would become the finest mailbox in America raising the bar in curb appeal. Currently, our manufacturing facility in Millbrook, Alabama is over 50,000 sq ft and ships more than 1,200 mailbox systems and accessories every week.

Post Master Approval (1995)

As our product quality has increased, so have our processes, which led to the implementation of a quality system conforming to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Working in conjunction with the United States Postal Service, Imperial was invited to co-author and implement the U.S. Postal Standard 7A, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside regulating the manufacture of all curbside mailboxes. Receiving the first ever Post Master Approval in 1995, we still maintain a close relationship with the Postal Service. More recently, in 2001, we were invited back to lead the USPS Curbside Mailbox Revision Consensus Committee to review the Standard 7A, and make appropriate changes.

Imperial Today

Our facility produces a product line of over 300 raw parts to manufacture the finest cast aluminum mailboxes, street signs, and lampposts. Imperial’s product has made its way into the finest planned communities in Alabama; including: Wynnlakes, Greystone, The Penninsula, Asheton Park, and Craft Farms. Beautifying these master planned developments we are also proud to have been a major part of other projects by developers such as: Daniel Corporation and Conner Brothers.

Moving Forward

Imperial has substantially enhanced these communities (as well as other of the most prominent communities throughout the United States) to such a degree as to enhance the beautification of the development, increase property value, and provide continuance in the value of the home, development, and community.