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The Imperial Way

THE IMPERIAL WAY. The Imperial Way is marked by core elements that fuse together the highest quality product and excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Imperial Mailbox Systems was invited by the United States Postal Service to author the USPS STD 7b, governing the manufacture of curbside mailboxes, due to our excellence in manufacturing and market leadership resulting in our commitment to meet customer requirements, increase satisfaction, and our desire to continuously improve our products, processes, and services.

DEALER NETWORK. Imperial prides itself in building and sustaining a trusting relationship with everyone who may encounter our products and services. The primary way we accomplish this is through out extensive dealer network. It’s this intentional relational aspect within our missiology that that truly illustrates why the company is a leader in the industry. Imperial is the company that people, from our dealers to the homeowner, trusts

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Our dedication to the market has compelled us to develop our product line, and continue to make improvements to the existing items. Imperial revolutionized the concept of ‘curb appeal’ through the 311K, and we didn’t stop there.

STANDARDIZATION. Imperial has also been a leader in the street sign industry. With an all ready extensive product line, we designed a patent pending street name frame, and regulatory sign system that allows a decorative feature to be added to any street, informational, hazard, or regulatory sign face. Our line of raised letter blades has introduced to the entire market an affordable and timely alternative to using standard street name inserts.

EXCELLENCE IN MATERIALS. Prior to Imperial developing its line of mailboxes and street signage, the market providers primarily used steel, wood, or iron for the manufacture of their product. In addition, all of the systems were cumbersomely welded, and impossible to replace the individual parts, causing the customer to purchase an entirely new system. Imperial saw each of these areas and addressed them from the outset. Using a combination of cast aluminum for the majority of our product line, and extruded aluminum for our post mailbox systems and street signposts, Imperial created a standard for customer satisfaction. No longer did the homeowner have to worry about rot, rust, or insect damage. Through the intentional engineering of a completely bolt up system, we have ensured that should the product suffer any damage, only the individual part needs to be serviced.