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Setting the Standard for Timeless Community Curb Appeal that Lasts

Meet The Team

Trey Haisten

Chief Executive Officer

Marlen Rivera

Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Bush

Chief Operations Officer / Region 1 Account Manager

Cortney Jackson

Chief Production Officer

Trace Bush

Procurement Manager

Josh Carpenter

Region 2 Account Manager

Amanda Wilson

Region 3 Account Manager

Nicole Martin

Region 1 Customer Service Representative

Darcy Richards

Region 2 Customer Service Representative

Brittany Penn

Region 3 Customer Service Representative

Brad Penn

Local Install Supervisor

Our Company

For over 20 years, Imperial has presented America the highest quality mailboxes and street signs, and we have become synonymous with curb appeal.

We Are Imperial.

Situated in the heart of the American southeast, Imperial has continued to serve the finest communities, from Country Club of the South in Atlanta, to Broadmoor Resorts in Colorado, as well as Encore by WCI Communities in New York. We are represented nationwide by our dealer network that distributes our products locally and statewide. As the leading mailbox manufacturer, Imperial was invited to co-author the U.S.P.S. Std 7b, which standardized the manufacturing of all residential mailbox systems.

Imperial has set the stage for excellence, not only in the manufacturing of mailboxes and signage, but also in customer service, engineering, market analysis, research and development, and governmental affairs.
We Are Setting The Standard For Community Curb Appeal. We Are Imperial.

History Of Imperial

The Beginning of Imperial

Emerging from ‘Imperial Door Systems’, a manufacturer of steel security doors and windows, founder John H. Clark Sr. identified a potentially more lucrative market in the form of residential amenities.

Creating a line of cast aluminum mailboxes and street signs designed to standardize curbside amenities throughout residential communities, Imperial sought to meet the architectural demand for standardized mailboxes and street signs to enhance aesthetics and protection of property value.

The Early Days

With just four employees, less than 5,000 sq ft of warehouse and manufacturing area and shipping less than ten systems per week, Imperial engineered what would become the finest mailbox in America raising the bar in curb appeal. Currently, our manufacturing facility in Millbrook, Alabama is over 50,000 sq ft and ships more than 1,200 mailbox systems and accessories every week.

Post Master Approval (1995)

As our product quality has increased, so have our processes, which led to the implementation of a quality system conforming to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Working in conjunction with the United States Postal Service, Imperial was invited to co-author and implement the U.S. Postal Standard 7A, Mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside regulating the manufacture of all curbside mailboxes.

Imperial Today

Our facility produces a product line of over 300 raw parts to manufacture the finest cast aluminum mailboxes, street signs, and lampposts. Imperial’s product has made its way into the finest planned communities in Alabama; including: Wynnlakes, Greystone, The Penninsula, Asheton Park, and Craft Farms. Imperial is now owned and operated by Wiregrass Equity Partners.

The Imperial Way

Operational Excellence

Imperial Mailbox Systems was invited by the United States Postal Service to author the USPS STD 7b, governing the manufacture of curbside mailboxes, due to our excellence in manufacturing and market leadership resulting in our commitment to meet customer requirements, increase satisfaction, and our desire to continuously improve our products, processes, and services.

Dealer Network

Imperial prides itself in building and sustaining a trusting relationship with everyone who may encounter our products and services. The primary way we accomplish this is through out extensive dealer network. It’s this intentional relational aspect within our missiology that truly illustrates why the company is a leader in the industry. Imperial is the company that people, from our dealers to the homeowner, trusts.

Continuous Improvement

Our dedication to the market has compelled us to develop our product line, and continue to make improvements to the existing items. Imperial revolutionized the concept of ‘curb appeal’ through the 311K. We have since expanded our offerings to include a range of products that cater to a variety of needs and styles. Our team of designers and engineers work tirelessly to create innovative solutions that not only enhance the look of your property, but also improve its functionality.


Imperial has also been a leader in the street sign industry. With an all ready extensive product line, we designed a patent pending street name frame, and regulatory sign system that allows a decorative feature to be added to any street, informational, hazard, or regulatory sign face. Our line of raised letter blades has introduced to the entire market an affordable and timely alternative to using standard street name inserts.

Excellence In Materials

Prior to Imperial developing its line of mailboxes and street signage, the market providers primarily used steel, wood, or iron for the manufacture of their product. In addition, all of the systems were cumbersomely welded, and impossible to replace the individual parts, causing the customer to purchase an entirely new system. Imperial saw each of these areas and addressed them from the outset. Using a combination of cast aluminum for the majority of our product line, and extruded aluminum for our post mailbox systems and street signposts, Imperial created a standard for customer satisfaction. No longer did the homeowner have to worry about rot, rust, or insect damage. Through the intentional engineering of a completely bolt up system, we have ensured that should the product suffer any damage, only the individual part needs to be serviced.

Imperial Quality

Our quality systems are designed to promote customer satisfaction through the continual improvement of our product.

Imperial Manufacturing has met and surpassed all ISO 9001:2001 standards and recently joined a select group of manufacturers asked to join with the U.S. Postal Service in re-writing the Standard 7b for approval of all mailbox designs. Our quality standards and our place within the industry ensures that we will continue to produce a quality product on the cutting edge of curb appeal for years to come.
Meeting of customer requirements is monitored and/or verified by a variety of methods. Results of these verification activities are recorded to provide evidence of product conformity.
Focusing on customer requirements and meeting these requirements should result in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy Imperial Mailbox Systems is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services, and the quality management system.
Management Commitment Top management is committed to communicate the importance of meeting customer as well as regulatory and legal requirements. The management representative is responsible for implementing this commitment by promoting awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
Customer Satisfaction Meeting of customer requirements is monitored and/or verified by a variety of methods. Results of these verification activities are recorded to provide evidence of product conformity.
Focusing on customer requirements and meeting these requirements should result in enhancing customer satisfaction.
Customer Focus Our entire quality system has been designed and implemented to ensure that customer requirements are met. Focusing on areas such as resource management, product realization, analysis and improvement has enabled our motivated staff to consistently provide customer satisfaction.
In fact, customer satisfaction is used as the measure of the effectiveness of the whole quality system.