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Bring Your Mailbox Back to Life!

Posted by jonathon on Jun 24th 2018

Bring Your Mailbox Back to Life!

Have you paid your mailbox some attention this year?

Now is the time to spruce things up around the house and the yard. Your neighbors are spending more time outside and you want everything to look it’s best.  Don’t overlook your mailbox!

Many times, the mailbox is the first thing people see when they come to visit you.  An attractive, well-maintained mailbox adds to the beauty of your home and our community, and protects your mail from the elements.

Bring Your Mailbox Back to Life with Imperial Mailbox Systems

Imperial Has the Supplies You Need!

Touch-Up Paint from Imperial Mailbox Systems
Replacement Numbers from Imperial Mailbox Systems.

Here are some maintenance tips….

  • If your mailbox is mounted on a pole or post, check it’s stability and make sure it is properly anchored.

  • Your mailbox identifies your address, not only for the letter carrier but for the police, the fire department, emergency workers and other service providers.  Make sure your address appears on both sides of the mailbox, so people who need to find you can do so, and so can your mail.

  • Check the door and it’s hinges.  Make sure it closes properly to keep your mail in and the wind and rain out.

  • Sand and repaint or replace your mailbox if needed.  Once the mailbox surface has been cleaned you can apply spray paint.

  • Imperial stocks parts and accessories for maintaining your mailbox.

For further information please feel free to give us a call at 800-647-0777.