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Standard Mailbox, Number Plate, & Scroll Bundle

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Standard Mailbox, Number Plate, & Scroll Bundle


Standard Mailbox, Number Plate, & Scroll Bundle


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Modular Product Design

Modular Product Design

Our product line is designed for easy part replacement and style customization over time. It features bolt-on assembly to save customers time and money.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Expert assistance is available for product inquiries, installation advice, and bulk orders. For any questions, call 1 (800) 647-0777.

Premium Powder Coat

Premium Powder Coat

Our finishes offer long-term strength, impeccable durability, environmentally friendly coating, and the highest-quality products.

Product Details

The Imperial Mailbox Standard Bundle is a comprehensive package that provides all the essential components to replace your mailbox system. The bundle comprises a mailbox, number plate, and a decorative scroll, excluding the post. This package offers a range of options to cater to your specific requirements, whether you prefer a basic or decorative style. The product photos are an excellent resource to help guide you through the selection process. Please refer to them while choosing your options. In addition, the bundle includes all the necessary hardware required to attach it to your post.

Please Note: This is an standard-sized bundle, meaning it is our smaller mailbox bundle. Please check your current mailbox for 3 hinge screws across the inside of your box on the hinge that connects the door to the mailbox. If you have 4 hinge screws, you will need to order our estate mailbox bundle. 

The Color Finishes

Imperial is renowned for its broad selection of nine options, of which three are available in powder coat. While powder coat black or white offers a classic appearance, those seeking more eye-catching curb appeal may be interested in exploring our green, almond, or bronze finishes. Moreover, we offer verde colors, which involve custom paint techniques applied to our mailboxes over black powder coats.

  • Long-lasting + Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Custom Techniques
  • Variety of 9 different color options

Powder Coated


Powder Coated


Premium Paint Finish


Premium Paint Finish


Premium Paint Finish


Premium Paint Finish


Powder Coated

Gold Verde

Custom Powder Coat


Custom Powder Coat

Box Style Options

Imperial offers eight box styles, with four of them available in our estate-size box. This option is ideal for receiving sizable packages securely, while also adding an elegant touch to your curb appeal. Consider personalizing your mailbox with our Box #4 for a patriotic feel or opt for the minimalist approach with our plain Box #0.

  • 100% Rust Free Cast Aluminum Mailbox
  • 45% Larger than the average mailbox
  • Decorative Curb Appeal
BOX #0 (Plain Box)
BOX #1 (Fleur Di Lis)
BOX #4 (Eagle)
BOX #6 (Rosette)
BOX #7 (Horse + Buggy)
BOX #8 (Octagon)
BOX #9 (Wreath)
Imperial Solar Box

Brass Hardware Options

Not only do these mailbox accents add a touch of elegance to your home, but they are also highly functional. The door knob or ring allows for easy access to your mailbox, ensuring that you never miss important mail or packages. The brass construction of the accents also ensures that they will withstand the harsh outdoor elements and last for years to come.

  • Shiny Brass that compliments all 9 Imperial colors
  • Polished and sleek look for your curb appeal
  • Heavy duty handles for your mailman
Brass Knob Large (KNOB LG)

These are often used for estate boxes and pair weill with Black, Green and Copper Finishes.

Brass Ring (RING)

These give our Imperial system a more decorative look with an antique touch on the brass.

The Mounting Options

In designing our Imperial mailboxes, we aimed to create a product that wasn't just ordinary but could also be customized to suit different preferences. Our mailboxes can be mounted in various ways, including the traditional back-mounted style, or the more contemporary center- mounted option that provides a more customized and modern feel.

  • Bolt On Assembly
  • User Friendly mounting options
  • Varies in styles
Back Mounted

A traditional look that allows the mailbox to bolt on to the post from the back of the box.

Center Mounted

A contemporary mounting that gives the mailbox a more modern feel by attaching on top of the post.

The Number Plates

Our systems provide diverse number plate styles, which enable your mailbox to be easily identified. This helps guarantee correct and prompt deliveries to your home. Our decorative toppers also add flair to your mailbox, providing a polished finish. At our company, we take pride in these features.

  • Accommodates our brass numbers
  • 100% Cast Aluminum
  • Various sizes for larger brass numbers
Number Plate #1
Number Plate #2
Number Plate #3

Scroll Options

These ornamental scrolls serve to reinforce your mailbox. When mounting an Imperial mailbox to a bracket via a post, the scroll provides additional support, ensuring durability. Moreover, it adds a touch of elegance to your mailbox, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal when viewed from the side by visitors driving through your community.

  • Decorative
  • 100% Cast Aluminum
  • Easy Bolt-on Assembly
C ScrollModern style scroll that is most commonly used for estate post and boxes.
S ScrollDecorative scroll that is the standard for an Imperial Mailbox System.

Newspaper Holder

Although not commonly used anymore, adding a newspaper holder to your mailbox gives it a timeless flair. This elegant feature is a perfect way to take your mailbox back in time and add a touch of sophistication to your property. Additionally, it is useful for those who still collect newspapers in your neighborhood.

  • 100% Rust Free Cast Aluminum
  • Elegant and timeless flair
  • Decorative Curb Appeal
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  • Mailbox

    Posted by Larry Owens on Nov 24th 2023

    Perfect replacement box and perfect communication

Excellent Quality And Taste.

Embrace a new era of mailbox excellence with Imperial Mailbox Sytems. From classic styles, to uniquely customized designs, our mailboxes are quality and made to last. Start beautifying your curb appeal today.